Our Mission

We are the Stevens Institute of Technology branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. We strive to enrich our members' education and professional identity by focusing on popular and growing Electrical and Computer Engineering interests.

Our initiative is for you to participate in our club and take away new skills, knowledge, and networks in order to feed and expand your intellectual curiosity. And while doing so, we want you to connect with your greatest resource - your fellow peers.

Together we can learn, grow, and create - all while having fun.

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Personal Growth

Personal Growth

We aim to allow students to grow their knowledge and better themselves in the fields of Electrical and Computer Engineering through interactive events such as:

  • IEEE Hackathons and Maker Day Events
  • Skill Developing workshops like website development and tensorflow
  • Lectures by notable and distinguished professors in our community


We help students innovate and invent new technology. Students have access to resources to persue their own projects and hobbies.

  • We have Raspberry Pis and Arduinos for any use
  • Our members are always willing to share their knowledge on their field of study
  • Our regular workshops are an effective yet relaxed way to learn outside of the classroom


Our community is welcoming and full of people willing to learn and teach. We are each other's greatest resource so let's connect and grow!

  • We are run entirely by students for students
  • We organize and hold events that the entire Stevens community can participate in
  • Collaboration is encouraged - especially in our events like Maker Day and Hackathon!


Meet the people that make it all possible

Izy Engel

Nick Lenge


Nathan Van Eck

Izy Engel

Vice President

Brad O'Connell

Brad O'Connell


Ryan O'Shea

Jared Skidmore

Co-Communications Chair

Ryan O'Shea

Benny Mirisola

Co-Communications Chair


Join us every Monday at 9:15 in Babbio 320 for our meetings

Come hear about our plans for this semester next Monday, September 9th

Don't miss our networking night September 23rd

Make sure you don't miss our exciting workshops or our monthly board game nights

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Our base of operations

1 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, NJ, US

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Outside Opportunities

Who should contact us?

Stevens Students

Professors looking to present topics to Stevens Students

IEEE Societies and Student Chapters looking to collaborate

Companies looking to collaborate or present to Stevens Students